AlicewebI am a Melbourne based designer and animator currently attending RMIT’s Bachelor of Art in Animation and Interactive Media.

I am originally from Italy, where I graduated in design with a project about vintage fashion, graphic design and communication.

I also have trained and worked as a classical music performer and teacher (I play the flute).

I love nurturing ideas, colours and materials, all things well designed, food, furniture, languages.

I really like telling stories and explaining things with tactile images, words and sound.

I do 2d animation, stop motion, short movies and illustration.

I make things out of bits and pieces, playing with fabric, clay, wood, paper and found elements.

I enjoy collaborations with interesting artists, artisans and designers.

I am curious, I like learning, sharing and exchanging ideas.

I am always searching for beauty, clarity, sense.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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