Alice in Italy

Alice clay

stop motion, clay

I’ve decided my final project, my thesis at the BA will be an animation, partly 2d, partly stop motion, about Italy and Italians. I don’t want to make a specifically political piece, although that would be very appealing right now. Every day, more than ever, I am an addicted trying to catch up, from the other side of the world, with the news, which I’ve imagined and envisioned long ago, and that’s now happening. I want, instead, to make a piece about emotional reactions, depressive states, feeling red, feeling white and feeling free; a highly complicated piece full of terrifying symbols until I could find a plot, a narrative that can allow me to feed the whole lot of my symbols through story telling and do that throughout the whole year to come. I am at times overwhelmed with the difference between the “inside” world I want to explain to the “outside” world, with language filters that keep challenging me, but the choice of undertaking another degree course has its main reason for the project I am working on, and I feel privileged to be able to do it. In the meanwhile I am working on a new Alice puppet (see the old one on this posts’s pic), which I’m going to bake and sew clothes for and write scripts for and so on and so on. Also, please enjoy a few old stop motion bits I found, a LQ video of an old test I did for my Plasticine Me during Darcy’s Prendergast’s class at RMIT, featuring Alice stunting a plane chase, and another very old LQ short stop-mo of a sun rising then falling.