Berlin, at last

foglieblog1It was not going to take a long time to figure out that Italy is not an option for me, how much needed this final move to Berlin was going to be.

I am attending a master in Visual Anthropology at Freie and have dreamed of this for a while, now. It’s going to be interesting to see how visual research and human investigations will develop a dialogue in the next works.

Of course I don’t have a studio for stop motion now, as I’m still in the hunt for a long term home. So I got to invite a few friends (Khalil Chahine for sound and Jeff Coons for editing) to help me finally finish my short (yes, the one with leaves and all tiny things shot with a macro). I am preparing next work, I found props and have the words. I don’t want to play myself the music anymore, so I am looking for the musicians to help me with that. I have my led lights with me, no curtains though.

I am learning German. And that was not in my plans. At all.

I have met a lot of really great people from all over the world and different backgrounds; our creative and personal collaboration is really nurturing. Infact, Polology is on its way and I’m really honoured to be part of it. It’s going to be a collective of creatives (writers, photographers, sound designers, visual artists and film makers) and we’re planning to work on our projects as well as offer our skills for commercial work in the near future as well.

I have a 4500 paper to hand in in two weeks. It’s about subject-generated ethnography. I’ve never written that much in english before.