Stop motion

  • You’ve changed, weather.

    Moving tiny, delicate and fragile props such as feathers, flowers and leaves on a white canvas, while just one meter away, outdoors, Melbourne’s windy weather is shaking and being very noisy and also rude to all the vegetation still alive (including my lettuce) is such an interesting, scary contrast and makes my work feel very […]
  • Many tiny glue-sprayed bottles

    Found, washed and treated, now ready to be animated. I’ve turned my thesis project into a stop motion project, involving leaves, glass, felt and other elements. I’ve also just created my facebook page, here we go: Giulia Sandri design+pictures. My clay monsters and zines have recently made it to RMIT Makers market where I’ve shown […]
  • Alice in Italy

    I’ve decided my final project, my thesis at the BA will be an animation, partly 2d, partly stop motion, about Italy and Italians. I don’t want to make a specifically political piece, although that would be very appealing right now. Every day, more than ever, I am an addicted trying to catch up, from the […]
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