New leaves


I’ve been going through a lot of little leaves, choosing, sorting and grouping them on a foam board, so that I’ll be able to photograph and animate them together with other elements made of felt and cardboard. I’ve found them near the beach in Mornington Peninsula, during Christmas festivities, on dry branches cut off the bush, and I decided, due to their magnificent range of colours, that they were the medium I was going to use to investigate the mutability of human spirit, oh dear. I am not done yet, I am still sorting the material out, but I’ve used some of it to compose the cover of what I’ll be bringing to the Melbourne Zine Fair next February, which is a zine called “You’ve changed” containing many fun oddities and the occasional second person writing style. I’m also still working on this website of mine, which is finally online but nowhere near ready. It’s a pleasure to get started and meet you, thanks for taking the time for visiting, more material is coming soon and I’d love to hear your feedback.