Ancestry and descendence

An antique hexagonal side table, redecorated and transformed into a two-layered microtheatre where the matrilinear lineage and the future humanity meet and influence each other.

At the bottom, matrioskas and wooden dolls wear some winter garment, they stand close to each other as a group, as the body of ancestry that through which mother earth and the feminine have nurtured and created all of humanity and social roots. The idea is to focus on maternity and the woumb as the origin, to the mother archetype as the original cast from where all our consciounsness and physical presence on the planet can come to life.

The dreamy, almost science-fiction enviroment represented at the top is the path where feminine and masculine meet and create new eletricity, new life and new interactions. It is the microtheatre of the future, a still moment before all magic and new life can happen. The masculine and feminine meet near a cubic stone, symbol of alchemy, and are surrounded by crystals (masculine) or seeds (feinine). The organic and the mineral share and exchange knowledge and wisdom through complementarity and love, at the crossing of a path blessed by some gentle vegetation.

This mostly blue, embodied installation is meant as a bubble of meaning and interaction, a sample of life on earth and its inner workings, an intention of dialogue with the remnants of gilanic and matrilinear cultures, and celebration of the creative potential, magic magnetism and life-affirming attraction of complementary forces which emanate the manifestation of all is real and living.

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